Retail Fittings

We were asked to create an elegant clean-lined cabinet that showcased jewellery pieces, without distraction, for a jewellers in George’s Street Arcade, Dublin.

This husband-and-wife team wanted a hand-crafted display case to reflect the quality of their own work so all of the display cabinets are made from lacquered white Oak, white spray-painted Birch plywood for the back, and a full-sized glass door with a lock. LED strip-lighting is integrated into the boxes on one side. The display cabinets are hung using button-fix fixings, so there are no visible fixings from inside the cabinet. The display cabinet can also be repositioned or moved to a new store without any damage.

In 2019, the couple opened a second shop directly across from their existing store. Barry and Addrianna wanted to keep the same feel as their existing retail shop but wanted it to be more noticeable. Aidan devised a concept of a lit-up sign with their logo engraved and painted into the sign. The sign was curved to match the old steel arch of the building.

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