ORBespoke was established in November 2019 by Aidan Byrne an experienced craftsman who trained in GMIT Letterfrack as a Furniture Designer & Maker. Aidan crafts heirloom quality furniture in his studio in Gorey, Co. Wexford.

As with all organisations, we recognise that our activities do involve negative environmental impacts. It is our aim to minimise these by:

• Complying with environmental law
• Measuring and monitoring our environmental performance
• Actively seeking to continuously improve our performance
• Minimising the risk of pollution from our operations
• Encouraging our suppliers, customers & other stakeholders to do likewise

Wherever possible we use local storm felled Irish timber for our products. All other timber and timber-based materials are sustainably sourced and FSC certified. Our premises’ heating is carbon neutral and provided by burning our timber offcuts. Our waste sawdust is used locally for animal bedding.

Our most significant direct environmental impacts arise from the electricity used at our premises and the road fuel we use. In order to minimise this, we take steps to ensure that equipment and lighting is only operating when required, and that energy-efficient lighting is in general use.

We routinely monitor our electricity and diesel usage. We operate a segregation system to ensure our waste is recycled wherever possible and landfill waste is minimised.

In all our activities, we aim to be an environmentally responsible member of the community we serve.